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These are my pictures from the October 1998 production of Little Shop of Horrors, presented by This Side of the Hill Players in Half Moon Bay. I played the Prophet, a dentist's Patient, and (last but CERTAINLY not least) Mrs. Luce, the wife of Life Magazine editor Henry Luce.

A postcard announcing the show. I didn\'t design this, but at least my name\'s on it! Mrs. Luce -- that\'s me! The Prophet -- that's me! Seymour (Manny) The voice of the plant (Mickey), dressed for Halloween The Dentist's Patient -- that's me! Kevin and Dana as dentist's assistants, beating me into submission. (How come I don't have any decent pictures of Rick, the dentist himself?) Bernstein and Luce -- Dana dressed as a man, and me dressed as a woman! Mrs. Luce with, uh, who is this guy anyway? (It was halloween, anyway.) Really, I don't know who this guy is. Here we are again, this time with Alex, one of the orchestra players. He's vegan. :-) The Doo-Wop girls, and our director -- Christy, Jennifer, Jennifer, and Sonia The Doo-Wops again, this time with Seymour The entire cast! Well, most of us, anyway. Micah (the guy in the plant!) and Erin Mrs. Luce, revealing the secret of her fabulous figure

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