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Brett's Vegan Recipes

Desserts & More!

I can't pronounce Anandamayi Kitchuri, but it's a fabulous main course

The Best Baklava

I can't eat this incredible Chocolate Cake

Zucchini Cake is kind of similar to Carrot Cake

This yummy Pie Crust is too easy

Real vegans don't eat Quiche... or do they?

These Pancakes grow on a Farm

Here is some Peanut Sauce for your veggies

I don't remember making this Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

These Almond Cookies are not Chinese

And this Pizza has no cheese

Please send me mail if you have comments about these recipes. I'll add your comments to the recipe if it seems appropriate!
Here is an Adobe Acrobat file containing some of these recipes, courtesy of "Mac."
Here are some links for some more vegetarian/vegan recipes.

Recipes from PETA

Jane's Recipes

Vegetarian Passover Recipes

More Vegetarian Recipe Links (Yahoo)

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