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Here are some links to sites that I like for whatever reason, be they funny, informative, nice, weird, interesting, or whatever. They are not in any particular order. (Of course, the rest of the pages on my site contain numerous links as well.)

Sparrow electric vehicle

My dream car -- or, maybe this one instead.

MIDI Karaoke -- Turn your computer into a karaoke machine.

Green Tortoise

Green Tortoise -- a way-cool bus company.

Keanoo's Gay Asian Links

Motley Fool

The Motley Fool -- Finance and Folly!

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's -- a way-cool grocery store.

You Can

You Can -- build a better booger! (This is not a spoof.)

WWW Translation Page -- Translate WWW pages in French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian...

No McDonald's

McSpotlight -- Take a guided tour of McDonald's web site!

Scorecard -- Find out which companies are dumping the most pollution into your neighborhood.

Windows 95 Annoyances

Win95 Annoyances -- and what to do about them

Whales on the Net

Green Party

California Green Party

Interspecies Communication

Web Pages that Suck -- Need I say more?


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