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Brett's Favorite Things

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  • Dogs. The photo at right is my dog Hwafo (a Chow mix). She was abandoned as a puppy on my friend Kenny's doorstep when we both lived in Dallas, and I adopted her when he moved to California and couldn't keep her any more. (Thanks, Kenny.)
  • Dolphins. These magnificent creatures are beautiful, friendly, graceful, playful, intelligent, compassionate, and fun. They live in harmony with the rest of the natural world. I chose Dolphyn as a nickname and as the name of my website because these are qualities that I admire in other people and that I strive to attain in my own life.


Gay Community

Charitable Organizations



Tune into Dolphyn Radio to hear some of my favorite music!

Comics & Cartoons

  • Dilbert. Cubicle humor. My brother hates this comic because it reminds him of his job!
  • The Far Side. Truly bizarre.
  • Simpsons. I hardly ever turn my TV on, but I've enjoyed this one whenever I've seen it.
  • Gromit. British claymation.

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