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This was once published somewhere under the name "Trader Joe's Heroic Baklava." I haven't the foggiest idea what, if anything, it has to do with Trader Joe's (which, by the way, is now open in Boston and New York for all you transplanted Californians on the East Coast).

Technically, this recipe is not vegan because it contains honey. A few people have asked me about vegan substitutes for honey. I think any sweet liquid such as rice syrup should work, but I haven't tried it. If you find something that works well (or if you want to warn people about what doesn't work well), let me know and I'll add your comments to this page!

A Note on Filo Dough: The filo dough I buy comes frozen in a 1-pound package. I believe each sheet is 14 x 22 inches, so that the finished baklava is about 14 x 11 inches. The package has very specific instructions for thawing, which should be followed. (Main recipe is below; keep scrolling!)