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Here are some of my photos from the California AIDS Ride, June 1999. At one time I intended to scan some more photos and write some fabulous text for this page... but don't hold your breath! :-)
Brett on bike Close-up Day 1 again Still Day 1 Brett with dolphin Brett on bike Close-up Brett and Chicken Lady Rider with decorated helmet Cyclists Brett on hill Crew member in diapers Hand crank cyclists Half way Dolphin Shirt Morro Bay -- the rock and the power plant... Brett at Morro Bay Brett on fish Brett on swing Brett on swing Bike parking Mileage sign Brett and Lisa Santa Barbara Brett with crew Exhausted (and kind of sick) in Ventura Believe it or not, these trucks provide great showers. Barbie helmet Wowsers -- I made it! And so did a few thousand others...

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