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Resources for California AIDS Riders

Note: This page was created for CAR6 (June 1999) and the information may be out of date. I don't plan to update this information for CAR7 or future rides, but if you've created a page with similar (current) information, please e-mail me and I'll add a link to your site.

Note: CAR 6 Rider Web Pages are now at the bottom of this page.

Some other relevant web links:

Some important e-mail addresses:

CAR 6 Rider Web Pages

Yahoo has links to various AIDS Ride pages, past and present: click here.

Some other stuff that should be here:

I've had suggestions to include some of the following information on this site. I'm not up to the task of putting it together, but if anyone wants to compile the information I'll be happy to post it here or (better yet) include a link to your site.

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