This was my fundraising page for California AIDS Ride 6, June 1999. But, the ride's over! While others prepare for CAR7, I'm putting together a synopsis of my CAR6 experience. Click here!

So, you've decided to sponsor me for the AIDS Ride. GREAT! If you haven't already done so, please read the Important Note to Donors which appears on the back of the official pre-printed pledge forms.

Please fill out the information below. When you press the button, your browser will create a customized form that you can print and mail to: California AIDS Ride 6, San Francisco Pledge Office, File #7263502, P. O. Box 60000, San Francisco, CA 94160-2635.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please drop me a line to let me know of your contribution.

Paying by credit card? Don't bother with this form. Instead, just remember Rider #2952 and click here for a SECURE online form.

(If your browser does not support JavaScript, please e-mail me with your postal address for a printed form that you can use.)

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Check the boxes if you do NOT want to be on the mailing lists and/or telemarketing lists of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

Donation Amount:
Honorary Rider: $1000
Heroism: $750
Inspiration: $500
Commitment: $250
Spirit: $150
Other amount: $
Payment Method
Personal Check (single payment)
Checking Account Debit (multiple payments)
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(Note: Monthly pledge installments must be at least $25
and cannot extend beyond 10 months.)

Note: Clicking the button above does not transmit any information to anyone. It merely instructs your browser to generate a pledge form suitable for printing and mailing.

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