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The following is an e-mail message posted by Larry Nelson.

Subject: CAREE-SF (California Aids Riders Equipment Exchange-SF) UPDATE
Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 10:32 PM

Hello everyone. My name is Larry Nelson and I am the coordinator of CAREE-SF. You may notice that since last year we have added "SF" to the name. I am happy to announce that there is now a CAREE program in Los Angeles (CAREE-LA)

This is the second year of CAREE and thanks to many of you, we have over 15 hits to the CAREE email address ( and have been able to help 3 riders so far with shorts and jerseys.

Following is a copy of what CAREE sent out via emal this last fall:

CAREE (California Aids Riders Equipment Exchange) for Northern California is now officially launched for the 1998-1999 training season. With CAR6 fast approaching you may be interested to know of a program that was started last year for CAR5.

The program was created for and is to benefit primarily first time Riders and others in need of cycling clothing and equipment.

Because the Ride office has plenty do do, please do not contact them with your questions about CAREE. Instead, email me at The Ride office does support the program, but the program is strictly volunteer managed outside of the Ride office.

The procedure for participating is simple. First, if you have not already called in your email address to the Ride office, please do so by calling 415.908.0400 or email it to You will then be included in the distribution of the the "Fireside Chat" email newsletter sent out by the Ride office. The newsletter will carry updates of CAREE amongst many other interesting articles.

Next, simply email your "has" or "wants" items to CAREE (again, that is to State whether the status is "buy", "sell" or "trade". Please include your street address, telephone number(s) and your RIDER #. (Note: If you include your address and telephone numbers you need to be aware that it may be shared with other Riders.)

CAREE does not warehouse items, but acts as a clearing house and matchs Rider to Rider. Your fellow Rider will be contacting you directly once CAREE has found a match. Because you register with CAREE does not mean that your request will automatically be filled. It all depends upon the inventory. However, I can tell you that last year we were able to help about 50 Riders as a result of the generosity of other Riders.

An inventory list of "has" and "wants" will be sent out monthly via email to those who have responded to CAREE.

Here's how you can help make the program a success. Bring the CAREE address with you on training rides and spread the word. Go through your clothing and equipment and donate what you can. Contact the Rider who may have inspired you to ride this year and ask them to donate any items. Contact previous Riders that you know and ask them for items that they are no longer using. Copy this email to other Riders.

Finally, for those riders who benefited from last year's program, CAREE is counting on YOU to reciprocate this year.

You have already begun the Ride. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the first inventory list as of January 9, 1999 of "HAS" AND "WANTS". Please email CAREE at to respond. Note: There may appear to be some duplicate postings. That is because they are from separte sources.


HAS: With respect to helmets. It is not a good idea to use a used helmet. They are good for a year or two and tend to "fall apart" from the elements like sun and moisture. It is best to buy a new helmet.

I would like to ask all to go through your clothing and equipment and perhaps there is something you won't use this year. Particularly, those Riders from last year who are not riding this year.

Thanks to everyone for participating. We have already begun the "Ride".

Larry Nelson
CAREE Coordinator
Rider CAR4, 5, & 6

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